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We are an upcoming cyber-security company enabling new levels of IT security and data protection.

Our mission is to significantly enhance digital trust by setting a new standard in data encryption and privacy protection.

Our vision is to bring back confidence to a digitalized world, where privacy is more and more at risk, by making the PSDE CHAIN® become a universal and global trust anchor for any kind of IT system and digital interaction.

Our proprietary PSDE CHAIN® technology is delivering unprecedented high levels of security, convenience and universality in data encryption and protection.

Integrity, agility and usability are guiding our behavior!



Our Approach to Security & Prevention

Beyond just enabling ultra-secure encryption and highest level of data confidentiality, the PSDE CHAIN®

technology brings along further security advantages.

Altering any data in a PSDE CHAIN® system automatically leads to a change of the hash value. As a consequence, the key does not fit any more and the original chain gets inconsistent, enabling immediate recognition and smooth traceability of all data changes.

Moreover, monitoring of elements facilitates seamless data integrity monitorin.

Last but not least, PSDE CHAIN® technology enables optimal prevention of fake identities because authenticity and access rights are checked trough a complete network, not only trough one instance.

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